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NOISE: . , while not intimidating to most people, is a problem to a burglar he does not want to hear that barking!So, you can improve your Alder Security home security without adding a. dog. BUT, like a lot of things, sometimes more is better, and in this case, having more physical security, more light or more noise is going to be in your favor. Also, having a big dog on the property lets the pros know when they are looking for an easy mark that perhaps your house is not an easy mark. WATCHDOGS . mobile, four footed burglar alarm. bark insistently and steadily when an entry is attempted, and . to the entry point to pinpoint it for you as . yap. PROTECTION DOGS are animals with advanced obedience training.

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Millions of dogs are put to death annually because of this.

Criminals prefer areas in which the residents do not look out for each other.

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Typically, monitoring contracts are two to five years in length.

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