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Moni recently received the J. D. Power Award. A home security system can be a wise choice for more reasons than just providing peace of mind. A home security system can also lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums by nearly 20 percent and decrease the likelihood of burglary by nearly 300 percent. Not only that, but many modern systems protect you and your loved ones from more than just intrusions. Many home security systems include smoke detectors that not only warn home occupants about the presence of smoke in the home but can also warn of sources of head and contact authorities. The U. S. Fire Administration says that it only takes thirty seconds for a small flame to turn into a full fire. Alerting the authorities so quickly delivers peace of mind to families and can make all the difference in the event of a fire.

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To add a measure of simplification to the Canary, there is no installation required.

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It will do the same on command, no matter how excitement charged the atmosphere, if it has been properly trained and selected.

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